Meet Nai Aletaher

In 2003, Nai graduated with a degree in Micro Biology from North Tehran  University.. Her first position was with Petro Asia as Sales Manager in Iran. There she was responsible for the sales team in-house, and developed many long-term client relationships built on trust and integrity. This was a Leadership Role where she gained deep experience with managing client accounts and offering them the best solutions for their freight and transport requirements.

Nai joined PertoAsia in Australia in 2013, working again as Sales Manager, developing client accounts for main shipping routes between Middle East and Australia. Her expertise gained through this period was based around her ability to manage client’s requirements remotely, and her knowledge of this region was a huge advantage. Nai worked with this company until 2015 she moved to Sydney. During this period Nai was personally responsible for signing the accounts for Toyota, Hynudai, M.A.N and many other large blue-chip companies.

Nai then joined Move Management Australia as International Manager of Import and Export. Her role with Move saw her gain even more experience with handling personal effects and valuable items. She managed over 20 to 30 international relocations each week and realised her ability to work under stress was really her strength. Nai stayed with Move until 2016 before establishing 7 logistics where she is the Sales Director today.

All of these experiences have helped Nai to gain a true understanding that crosses cultural and political boundaries and her greatest asset to her clients is her ability­ to find the best solutions and the most efficient systems for their freight.

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